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 Power Meters

Within this page you will find information pertaining to power meters including stock availability, general data, and specifications for the various lines we support.  You may also contact Technical Support within this page.

For price quotes please call, fax, or E-Mail us.  Our contact information can be found at the bottom of this page for your convenience.

Accessories: Power Meter

Power Meters (300 nm - 30 microns) Available for Purchase

Model 201 meter with model 201 head, 1-100 W, max 100 W
Model 201 meter with model 205 head, 1-100 W, max 20 W
Model 201 meter, 1-100 W, 300 nm - 30 microns
Model 213 meter with water-cooled head, 100-1000 W, max 200
Model 300 meter with model 2210 head, 3-100 W, max 10
Model 200- meter with model 2210 head, 0.2-200 W, max 10
Model 200LS head, air cooled, max 200 W

LM-10 detector heads
LM-45 detector heads

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